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Analysis and evaluation of the performance of communication switch ICs

Publicerad 2021-09-21

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Control applications in critical infrastructures need a reliable and robust communication system. For example, protection and control applications in power systems require reliable communica-tion networks that are fault-tolerant with zero-recovery delay. Furthermore, these communication networks need to provide time-synchronization to the attached end devices with an accuracy of below 1 us. To achieve zero-recovery delay and accurate time synchronization, the High-availability Seamless Redundancy HSR or the Parallel Redundancy Protocol PRP are com-monly used for substation networks in combination with the Precision Time Protocol PTP. These redundancy protocols, i.e. HSR/PRP, are based on Ethernet and are partly implemented as integrated circuits IC. Therefore, it is important to study the performance of different HSR/PRP implementations and benchmark the respective switch ICs. Moreover, Time-sensitive Networking TSN is expected to play an important role in future substation communication net-works. Thus, the performance of TSN switch ICs are evaluated as well as part of this thesis.

The scope of the thesis comprises the following main tasks:
1. Literature study on communication performance requirements for substation applications and on the corresponding IEC standards
2. Build up a test circuit to benchmark the different HSR-PRP switch ICs and TSN switch IC
3. Evaluate HSR/PRP and TSN performance
4. Evaluate PTP performance
5. Report on performance results of different switch ICs as well as on their compliance to respective IEC standards

To perform this master thesis successfully, the student should fulfil the following prerequisites:
• General embedded systems & software knowledge necessary
• Good programming skills in C and/or VHDL necessary
• Knowledge about communication networks recommended

Fabian Hohn


Hitachi ABB Power Grids


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