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Performance evaluation of XDP programs for communication in power systems

Publicerad 2021-09-21

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Digitalization in power systems is growing rapidly, which leads to a fast increase of data that are produced. Since this large amount of data is required to be communicated fast and reliably throughout the network, it is important to utilize efficient network packet processing at the end devices in order to minimize the computational load. Therefore, this thesis will examine the per-formance of the eXpress Data Path XDP and its applicability for applications in the power sys-tem domain. The XDP is a rather new feature of the Linux kernel, which enables high perfor-mance network packet processing directly in the kernel data path within the device driver. It is expected that the XDP approach enables a significant offloading of the CPU. Therefore, it is important to select a network interface with XDP support. Lastly, XDP potentially elevates the security in the system, since security features, such as packet filtering, can be directly imple-mented in the device drivers. These benefits make the usage of XDP attractive for a highly data-driven and communication intensive power system.

In summary, the scope of the thesis comprises the following main tasks:
1. Literature study on eXpress Data Path XDP and extended BPF, such as requirements, dependencies, limitations, user-space interactions among others
2. Setting up environment for XDP on receiver and sender
3. Develop XDP programs for a prototype application in the power system domain as well as develop a small user-space application, which interacts with the XDP program
4. Performance evaluation and comparison in terms of packet drop, CPU usage, packet forwarding among others
5. Present and report on results

To perform this master thesis successfully, the student should fulfil the following prerequisites:
• Basic knowledge about Linux kernel necessary
• Good programming skills in C necessary
• Knowledge about communication networks recommended

Fabian Hohn


Hitachi ABB Power Grids


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