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Integration of energy storage techniques with the regional energy systems

Publicerad 2020-01-13

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Providing the energy needs of the cumulatively increasing population has become a challenge for the regional energy systems in the world. The most critical challenge is to supply enough energy in the forms of heat and power during the cold and warm periods of the year with the lowest production cost and minimum environmental impacts. A solution is to increase the green energy supply from renewable energy resources such as solar, wind power, and hydropower. However, the energy supply from renewables varies with the time. For instance, the power generation from PV solar cells and wind power highly depends on the sun position and weather conditions. Therefore, the main challenge in scenarios for application of renewable energy sources is to make a balance between energy supply and demand. As a solution, the energy storage can meet this challenge and increase the reliability of using renewable resources in the system. Pumped hydro storage and power-to-gas based on electrolytic production of hydrogen are two examples of long-term storage. Optimal design for the energy system interacting with energy storage could increase the share of renewables in the system.

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Thesis tasks:

A previously developed model for the integrated energy system in the county of södermanland will be used as a reference for further investigations and evaluations. The case study system consists of CHP plants, hydropower, and rooftop PV systems. The focus of this thesis work is on the energy storage concerning the intermittent productions from renewables.
The work consists of the following tasks:
- A literature review on the previous studies.
- Possibilities in the existing energy system and data collection for the selected energy storage methods the system in the county of Södermanland is used as the case study.
- Modelling and simulation of integrated storage method with the existing system including renewables.
- Evaluation of the results.
Expected results
- Thesis writing
- Participation in writing a scientific article for a conference or journal

Practical information:
Group size: 1-2 students
Credits: 30hp
Duration: 20 weeks

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