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Innovation och entreprenörskap inom vattensektorn

Publicerad 2019-10-07

Om uppdragsgivaren
Två examensarbeten inom forskningsprojektet SEQWENS som bedrivs på KTH - Ensuring sustainability and equality of water and energy systems during actor-driven disruptive innovation.

Master thesis 1: Potentially disruptive technology innovations for heat recovery in waste water and grey water
Master thesis 2: Aspvik – Entrepreneur driven system building from below

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Beskrivning av examensarbetet
The aim of this KTH SEQWENS project is to assess the system effect of on-property heat and water installations, including social consequences, in support of a smooth transition towards a climate-smart society.
As part of our investigations, we use case studies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Värmdö, where different on-property solutions are being tested. We assess the co-evolution of technology, actors and society, and how the new technology redistributes benefits and costs among the societal actors.
The interdisciplinary research team from KTH covers energy and water engineering, systems approaches, innovation studies, history and industrial management. The project is carried out with participation from a range of private and municipal actors in water, energy and real estate.
Communication skills in Swedish are important, as interviews are part of the projects.

Pär Blomkvist

KTH, Stockholm


Sista ansökningdag

2010, VT

KTH Water center/SEQ

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