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Motion control of robot inside a silo

Publicerad 2019-06-05

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Vi är konsulter inom IT, teknik och ledarskap med en mission att skapa en bättre framtid genom utveckling av människor och teknik. Just nu är vi i en kraftig tillväxtfas och vill gärna ha dig i vårt team.
Lär känna oss redan innan du är färdig ingenjör. För oss är det viktigt att ha en nära relation till dig som student redan under studietiden. I samarbeten kommer vi närmare varandra och du får en språngbräda till ett jobb hos oss.
Vi kommer generöst dela med oss av vår kunskap och insikt och hoppas att du utmanar oss i varje möte. Häng med så bjuder vi in till föreläsningar, workshops, casekvällar och mingel.

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Working conditions in the dry cleaning and sanitation of confined interior spaces are often extreme, and workers need overall protection with tight clothing, helmets, face mask, earmuffs, and respirators. The environment is dirty, noisy with bad visibility and heavy with a high static work load. The inside of the silo is a hazardous environment due to many factors such as an unsafe oxygen level, engulfment, biological, mechanical, electrical, and atmospheric hazards. The requirements of the EU norms related to hygiene and food quality indicate that silos should be cleaned frequently, and cleaning is obligatory after a silo is totally emptied. Therefore, there is an increased societal need for silo cleaning and a natural necessity to replace humans by robot manipulators in executing this risky and dangerous job.

Background of thesis projects
The design of suspended robotic platforms for the cleaning of the interior surfaces of a large confined space is based on a minimalistic approach to achieve a compromise between maximum performance and reasonable complexity. The robot is characterized by using minimum degrees of freedom, and gravity is utilized as the best way for reducing the power needed for locomotion.
The robot has a foldable and expandable structure in order to meet two very contradictory conditions, namely a very large space to operate in and a very small entry hole on the silo roof. The robot’s main functions are to bear the cleaning tools air jets and to stabilize the cleaning tools while they rotate to perform the cleaning. The pose of the robot should be on silo’s axel so the nozzles of the cleaning tool have equidistant from the interior surface.

Thesis project task
Survey about control system for stabilizing suspended dynamic load
Design a mechanism to generate appropriate forces to hold the robot’s position
Optimise robot’s position inside the silo.
Design the control system for the robot.
Suitable background
Robotics, Mechanical engineering, Automation & Mechatronic.

• Understand the needs and prerequisites at cleaning large food silo
• Set up a theory for the human machine interaction
• Study theories various sensor systems, e.g. force sensor
• Implement and run demonstration
Thesis is to be written in English.

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