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Evaluation of bifacial photovoltaic (PV) systems in Sweden

Publicerad 2018-10-24

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Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Förslag examensarbete inom energiteknik /
Suggestion on degree project within energy engineering

Evaluation of bifacial photovoltaic PV systems in Sweden.
Kort bakgrund/short background:
Photovoltaics for electricity production is growing fast in the world. 98 GW of PV was installed in the world in 2017 and the total installed power reached 402 GW, see Figure 1, capable of producing 2.1% of the world’s electricity need [1].

Figure 1 Cumulative installed PV power in the world [1].
95% of the PV installations in 2017 were based on crystalline silicon solar cells [3]. A growing type of PV are bifacial modules that uses both the frontside and the backside of the module to collect solar irradiance. According to a study by Bloomberg it is forecasted that bifacial will grow from 3% of the world market in 2018 to 40% already in 2025 [4]. The development of simulation software for PV systems with bifacial modules is still ongoing [5].
Figure 2 Forecasted market share of bifacial modules [4].
• Literature study on pros and cons using bifacial PV in Sweden.
• Evaluation of yield data from at least 50 Swedish PV installations with bifacial PV, installed by the company PPAM Solkraft.
• Compare yield data from a selection of the studied PV systems with simulation of the systems using PVsyst [2] or other existing software to evaluate the accuracy of the software.
• Write report. Using MDH template.
• Oral presentation at MDH at the end of the work.

[1] 2018 snapshot of global photovoltaic markets
[2] PVsyst.
[3] Photovoltaics report.
[4] Double-Sided Solar Panels Are Taking Off in China.
[5] PV modeling performance collaborative
[6] PPAM Solkraft

Kontaktperson/Contact person:
Bengt Stridh, University lecturer at MDH,, 021-10 73 52
Access to data of bifacial PV systems will be provided by the company PPAM Solkraft in Linköping.

Bengt Stridh
021-10 73 52
Mälardalens högskola
Akademin för ekonomi, samhälle och teknik
Box 883, 721 23 Västerås


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