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UV fluorescence imaging for Photovoltaics (PV) Field Applications

Publicerad 2018-10-24

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Beskrivning av examensarbetet
Förslag examensarbete inom energiteknik /
Suggestion on degree project within energy engineering

UV fluorescence imaging for Photovoltaics PV Field Applications

Kort bakgrund/short background:
For a PV plant it is of fundamental importance that operation of the PV modules is free of failures, or at least that failures can be detected early, to ensure an efficient energy production and to ensure a long life, thereby resulting in a high return on the investment. To evaluate the performance of a PV plant it is of importance to develop fast and reliable methods to evaluate the performance of the PV modules. Defects in the PV modules can occur in the production, during transportation or installation or can be developed by degrading during operation. More and more companies offer regular inspection of PV plants to ensure high performance of the plant. A very new technique to characterize the PV-modules is to use UV fluorescence imaging during night to detect artifacts in the modules. Since the technique is new there is no standard yet how to perform and evaluate UV-imaging.

Figure 1 Example of UV image right and regular photo left of module with so called ”snail tracks” caused by cracks in the PV cells [1].

The goal of the project is to evaluate the usefulness of the new UV fluorescence technique for PV module characterization by making a literature review of UV-imaging of PV and to make experimental outdoor tests with UV-imaging on an existing PV system.

- Literature study on UV-imaging for PV applications.
- Obtain suitable equipment for outdoor UV-imaging investigation. In this study it is suggested to use a simple handheld UV-lamp.
- Make outdoor experiments with UV-imaging on at least one existing PV system. Note that these experiments must be done after sunset, when it is totally dark outside, so you should not be afraid of dark.
- Write report. Using MDH template.
- Oral presentation at MDH at the end of the work.

[1] UV fluorescence imaging as fast inspection method for PV modules in the field.
[2] UV-Fluorescence measurements as tool for the detection of degradation effects in PV- Modules

Kontaktperson/Contact person:
namn, e-post, telefon frivilligt/ name, e-mail, phone optional
Bengt Stridh, lecturer at MDH,, 021-10 73 52

Bengt Stridh
021-10 73 52
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