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Bearings and casette for revolutionary Wave Energy Converter

Publicerad 2018-01-15

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About the company and the concept:

Novige AB is now working with KTH, ABB SynerLeap and incubator Create to develop a revolutionary Wave Energy Converter. This area is the largest green energy source available in the world, and will most likely be of the size of wind power, with great career opportunities, when solved.

The patented concept Waverider, has an output of 10MW, unheard of in the industry, which normally only gives 30-300 KW per unit. The weight is normally 300-1000 tons per MW, 200 tons with wind power, but only 20 tons with Waverider. A wind power unit normally has 7000 parts, Waverider estimated to 400. This and other aspects of similar ratio, gives an indication of a so-called disruption, google Tony Seba if interested. video

In 2017 the company have worked with Bachelor and Master students both from Linné University and KTH, all having done excellent work for us. Contacts available if you would want to check how they experienced working with us. Two of the former students have continued working for us on an ad-hock basis. Now in 2018 a prototype will be built in KTH laboratory, over two floors, with the help from students.

More design work is needed. This university is relevant due to proximity to ABB in Västerås, as well as I have had the pleasure of listening to presentations at ABB made by your students

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About the work to be done:

Two very large bearings with accompanying casings, need to be designed. These will be lifting up to 2000 tons / 25 million NM in every wave movement, and be the connection between the platform and the cylindrical PTO, Power Take Off.

The bearings and casing need to be installed /lowered onto the platform at location out at sea.

The work will be to evaluate and design the optimum casing and locking device, as well as selecting / finding relevant sub-contractors both for the bearings but also for seals. Calculations made by earlier students and professional companies available as a base.

Below you will see a link showing the concept above water, but more explicit movies and CAD drawings available after contact with me. Do not hesitate at all to contact me with any questions!

Visits to ABB Corporate Research will be included.

If someone or some group have time in the spring term, that would be fine, but autumn also possible.

Jan G Skjoldhammer
073 3948417 alt. 08 51173706


Novige AB


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