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Thesis Work for framework for functional test of embedded software components

Publicerad 2017-09-19

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ABB Industrial Automation är ledande inom industriell autoamtion.

Beskrivning av examensarbetet
You will be a part of Industrial Automation, Control Technologies in Västerås.
Control Technologies is a unit within ABB´s Industrial Automation division. The
unit is responsible for the development, marketing and sale of automation
products – hardware and software – and for monitoring, control and
optimization.The unit has automation products for all types of industry.
Digitalization offers unique opportunities to combine data from the
manufacturing process with other information systems within the company and
make information available in real time.

You will be part of the department for Embedded system, in a software team working with embedded real time components which are
a part of ABBs distributed control system 800xA.
Quality is vital for our products which puts a lot of requirements and demands on testing.
In order to reduce the need of test hardware and by that also to provide more flexibility, we would like to evaluate different possibilities
to perform functional tests of embedded components in a simulated test environment. This is where you and this master thesis comes
into the picture.
The master thesis consists of two parts:
1. Research and evaluate existing products / alternatives of simulated test environments.
2. Select the best suitable alternative and integrate a component and few suitable test cases.
In part one 1, you will start with creating a prioritized feature list based on input from the team. This list will serve as input when
researching between different alternatives of simulated test environments. Alternatives could be commercial products or solutions
invented in other parts of ABB. If possible, alternatives used in other companies can also be examined, or alternatives proposed by
In the second part 2 you will incorporate a component into the chosen test environment and implement a few test cases.

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